Initial Coin Offering


From large companies to small startups, ICOs are becoming the newest trend in raising capital. The growing appeal of raising capital by bypassing the rigorous and regulated capital process required by venture capitalists and banks is creating a massive investment lottery. New ground breaking technologies are competing for investment right alongside potential scams. The pool of ICOs is growing and the everyday investor has to sit down and carefully research and weed out all the potentially bad investments.

Great ICO projects are losing out to potential investments because of the hostile climate being created by bad actors, mismanaged teams, and lack of legal regulation requirements.  This scenario is making it quite impossible for unexperienced investors to make good decisions because they either lack the tools or knowhow to perform a sound due diligence process before investing in their ICO of choice.

Our team here at Cryptinc wants to help you bring your ICO to the forefront. Our team of highly skilled analysts will take your ICO and analyze every aspect of your technology. We will provide you with our own direct and market orientated Cryptinc certification. We use a very robust and time tested approach to your potential technology. We will provide you with a non-partisan report that will put you ahead of the rest of the field.

Our criteria are second to none and we collectively stand by our knowledge and experience. We will formulate a robust criteria that encapsulates some of the following points:

  • Business Model
  • Project Team
  • Community Feedback
  • Product State
  • Venture Capital
  • Market Niche
  • Financial structure
  • Regulatory Framework

  • Once we have completed our review and our team is satisfied that your technology is a worthy investment possibility, we will promote your product and as an additional bonus, we will add your token to our private membership platform.

    Do not hesitate. Take advantage of our market expertise and let Cryptinc bring you forward to the future. Contact our sales representative today.